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I live in metro Phoenix. I have a patio with a tall wall, facing west. I don't have anywhere to put plants inside. Even watering twice a day, I've had things up and wither on me outside. Short of the obvious (cactus), what would you recommend for container gardening? I can put things on shelves high enough that they can get sunlight, or leave them in full shade, but that's it.
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I want a database

I'm looking for a garden plant database that is searchable by the qualities of the plants as well as their names, cultivars, etc. You know, like an advanced search on a fanfic archive, only instead of fandom, pairing, and genre, it would have zone, light requirements and water requirements.

Dave's Garden has huge databases for plants, bugs and birds, among other things, but the search function is really limited. (N.B.: Dave's Garden is about the best, most overwhelming garden website there is. Registration is free, and extra stuff is available by signing up to a paid option.)

Has anyone ever seen any kind of database like this on the web?
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Find your hardiness zone

A good-sized hardiness zone map which shows counties/parishes as well as state boundaries. It's from the Aston-Simms garden shop website. I haven't looked through that at all, but the map is a gem.
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One useful website

I've been doing a lot of Googling in the hunt for xeriscape information specific to my area. Eartheasy has a nice list of plants, shrubs and trees that are supposed to require less water than the usual.

But, lazy woman that I am, I want a list specific to my own area--zone 6b. I've email my county ag extension office and I hope to hear from them tomorrow or the next day. If I find any websites that are more detailed, I'll post them here.
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After the last several very dry summers here in Central Pennsylvania, I've made up my mind that our back yard is going to be xeriscaped--landscaped in such a way that it requires a minimum of watering and maintenance.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

Therefore, in the spirit of the hive mind, I opened this community in the hope that others interested in the same idea might come together and tell stories, relate experiences, and learn together how to best use the available resources to make our outdoor spaces beautiful.